_Cindy and Dmitri’s
Most Excellent Honeymoon

Eight weeks, one wedding, 19 different airports, countless guidebooks, languages and currencies. Whew! It was the best of times, it was the—no it was really pretty good, if a little tiring in parts. We’re not going to even try to illicit sympathy.

After much delay, here is the record of our honeymoon around the world. It’s filled with oodles of pictures and random scanned things, Cindy’s travel journal, Dmitri’s commentary and captions, random facts and recollections. There’s plenty here to check out, and we hope you enjoy it at least a fraction as much as we did.

Trip Start > Michigan > Los Angeles > Tahiti > Moorea > Auckland > Bali, Indonesia > Singapore > Bangkok > Siem Reap, Cambodia > Kenya > Cairo > Athens > Aegean Cruise > Aegean Cruise II > Rome > Trip End