_Recent Publications

Williams, D., Choi, S., Sparks, P. & Hong, J (2023). The Value of Time Together: Mentors, Proteges and a Longitudinal Online Test. Internet Research.PDF
Wang, Z., Zhu, J. Xu, Y., Kim, D. & Williams, D. (2023). Cross-Platform Information Flow and Multilingual Text Analysis: A Comparative Study of Weibo and Twitter Through Deep Learning. Computational Communication.PDF
Williams, D., Khan, E., Pathak, N. & Srivastava, J. (2022). Social Value: A Computational Model for Measuring Influence on Purchases and Actions for Individuals and Systems. Journal of Advertising.PDF
Huang-Isherwood, K., Kim, S. Williams, D & Bisberg, A. (2022). Women Hold Up Half of the Sky: Examining the Motivations, the Behaviors, and the Social Capital in a Multiplayer Game Popular Among Female Players. Revista Internacional de Sociologia.PDF English

Kim, S., Huang-Isherwood, K, Zheng, W. & Williams, D. (2022) The art of being together: How group play can increase reciprocity, social capital, and social status in a multiplayer online game. Computers in Human Behavior. PDF
Jonckheere, N., Persaud, C., Liu, C & Williams, D. (2022) Playing with History.   Convergence. PDF
Li, Y., Bartley, N., Sun, J. & Williams, D (2022). The Larger, the Fitter, the Better: Clans’ Evolution, Social Capital and Effectiveness. Internet Research.PDF
Liu, M., Choi, S., Kim, D. & Williams, D. (2021). Connecting in-game performance, need satisfaction, and psychological well-being: A comparison of older and younger players in World of Tanks. New Media & Society.PDF


I provide consulting services to firms seeking to manage their data and gain insights into their customer’s behavior, including satisfaction, interactions, subscriptions and microtransactions.

Most of this work is with video game developers managing game populations and seeking to improve the player experience, but the models are widely applicable and adaptable.

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