Here, for the first time captured on film, are the international sightings of Sock Monkey. Join him as he travels the globe in search of adventure, decent mai tais and the perfect wave. He is . . . the most interesting monkey in the world.

Comatose after a hard night of clubbing at his bungalow on Moorea, Tahiti.
The next morning, after Bloody Marys. The main island of Tahiti is visible in the distance.

Visiting with “friends” in the Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali (Indonesia). Hey, buddy, watch the hand.
With escort in the Patpong red light District of Bangkok
At Angkor Wat in Cambodia. “Tomb Raider” film crew all wanted autographs.
On safari in Kenya. Herds of wild buffalo and gazelles were beautiful, but some times one simply must relax back at the tented camp and listen to the animals at sunset . . .
The Great Pyramids. Giza, Egypt.
At the Acropolis. Athens, Greece.
Crusing the “Med” on a tall ship, just off the coast of Hydra, Greece. Pictures from later stops on the cruise of his romps in Turkish nightclubs are not suitable for family viewing.
In Italy, he is known as “Il Duce Piccolo.”

Ready to take on the Irish in South Bend.

Also a big sports fan, Sock Monkey was spotted cheering for the USC Trojans against the hated Fighting Irish in South Bend, Indiana (pictured here with autograph seekers), and for the Cubbies at Wrigley Field.
S.M. was caught by our intrepid camera staff in New Orleans as he went on a bender in the French Quarter.
It started out as a wild night out, but ended up in less glamorous fashion in Audubon Park, with a hangover and an empty Abita Beer bottle.
Displaying his penchant for upscale locales, Sock Monkey recently toured the wine country of Northern California. Here he lazes among the vineyards before heading off to the coastal redwood forests, to pose bfore a towering 300-foot tree.
In Costa Rica for volcano trekking.
The more relaxed side comes out in this vintage picture of Sock Monkey visiting relatives in Los Angeles.

He’s a fan of beaches everywhere, but Sock Monkey particularly enjoys Florida. He’s seen here lounging on Miami beach, no doubt resting up for a big night out.
South Beach Miami.
Sunning on his yacht off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Visiting with official guards outside a palace in Seoul, South Korea.
In the world’s coldest bar, in Denmark
Downtown Copenhagen at the amusement park.
Downtown Tokyo.
Ashore in Mykonos, Greece
Curacao, where “dushi” is the local world for good. He is amused.
Mugging for the view over Condado Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Offshore at St. Thomas, USVI
Carambola Beach, St. Kitts. He makes a point of trying out the local beers wherever he goes.
Vegas, baby
He always doubles down
Mayan ruins, Belize. Contemplating the nature of the universe at the Mayan calendar reset in 2012.
At the swim-up bar in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
An avid hiker, he particularly enjoys the climbs around Sedona, AZ.
In a contemplative mood at Kaanapali Beach, Maui
Among the tourists of Times Square.
On an idyllic Summer day in Central Park.
At the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles.
Private water taxi, outside Saint Mark’s Square, Venice
Canal-side in Amsterdam
A tireless champion of progressive causes, he takes a moment to help in Amsterdam.
Going downscale, he sometimes slums it at mainstream couture shops, this time in Paris.
A renowned international sports enthusiast, he catches the last stage of the Tour de France.
With assistance from fans, being enshrined by pawprint at the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.
At Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast
It’s not a cliche, and in fact the expression originated with him. Sometimes you have to stop and smell them. At Portland’s oddly named International Rose Test Garden.
Multnomah Falls, outside Portland
You really can’t get enough beach time when you’re a monkey made from footwear. Why not spend that time at a high-end resort, like Kahala, around the curve of Diamondhead on Oahu?
At ComicCon, San Diego, demonstrating that there is no high or low culture when you are an international monkey of mystery.
He knows all 4,000 beers on tap at this Belgium watering hole, but he prefers Dos Equis.
One of the great wonders of the modern world. Also pictured is Cologne Cathedral.
Enjoying a bure on a deserted beach in Fiji, and in Tahoe for the 4th of July.
At the ancient city gates in Kotor, Montenegro.
Relaxing on his cruise stateroom patio.
In Oregon, he takes in a river raft near Bend.

On the Oregon coast, he tries his hand at a rail bike.

Surveying the floodplain 40 years after the Mt. St. Helens eruption. The top of the mountain is missing…
Taking a break from a work trip to enjoy Prague, Czech Republic.
Szechenyi Baths, Budapest.
Barcelona. No, this thing will never get finished.
Mallorca. Ibiza is so last year.
A cruise stop in Nice, France.
Having a cultural moment at the beer garden at the Vienna film festival
The Blue Lagoon, Cyprus
He knows you know this one.
He is surprisingly adaptable with climates. Here he is near the Arctic Circle on a boa heading up the Norwegian Coast.
Keeping up with his beers-around-the-world theme, he stops in Tromso, above the Artic Circle.
A visit to the all-ice SnowHotel in Kirkenes, Norway
Mushing with the sled dogs in Kakslauttanen, Finland
Waterfalls in Iceland.
Keeping with the chilly theme, but much more domestic, he hikes to Glacier Lake within Glacier National Park.
At the rodeo in Jackson, Wyoming.

Who is responsible for this? Well, that would be me. And for God’s sake, why? It all started with a stupid television ad several years ago. The Pentium III chip featured a series of dancing animated toys to show off the power of their graphics processor. In the ad, the Sock Monkey danced toward the screen waving his arms about wildly to the tune of Jorge Ben’s Ponte de Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma). It really was quite catchy. I suggest checking the tune out.

Cindy thought this was the greatest, most ridiculous thing she’d ever seen, so I went out and bought a sock monkey for her next birthday. And for reasons neither of us can explain, we’ve taken this thing along with us whenever we’ve travelled since then.

And yes, we know it’s weird. But c’mon, you read down this far, so you think it’s kinda fun, too.