_Recent Publications

Morstatter, F., Kim, D,Jonckheere, N., Liu, C., Seth, M. & Williams, D. (2021). I’ll Play on My Other Account: The Network and Behavioral Differences of Sybils. In CHI PLAY ’21: ACM SIG CHI.PDF
Hong, J., Cruz, I. & Williams, D. (2021). AI, You Can Drive My Car: How We Evaluate Human Drivers vs. Self-Driving Cars. Computers in Human Behavior. PDF
Sun, J., Williams, D. & Li, Y. (2021). Let’s Bail!: The evolution of individual-group affiliation in an online gaming community. Computers in Human Behavior. PDF
Choi, S., Williams, D. & Kim, H. (2020). A Snap of Your True Self: How Self-Presentation and Temporal Affordance Influence Self-Concept on Social Media. New Media & Society. PDF
Hong, J., Choi, S., & Williams, D. (2020). Sexist AI: An Experiment Integrating CASA and ELM. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. PDF
Ratan, R., Shen, C., Williams, D. (2020). Men Do Not Rule the World of Tanks: Negating the Gender-Performance Gap in a Spatial-Action Game by Controlling for Time Played. American Behavioral Scientist.PDF
Shen, C., Wolff, G., Ratan, R., Kim, T. & Williams, D. (2020) Viral Vitriol: Predictors and Contagion of Online Toxicity in World of Tanks. Computers in Human Behavior.PDF
Hong, J., Peng, Q. & Williams, D. (2020). Are you ready for Artificial Mozart and Skrillex?: An Experiment Testing Expectancy Violation Theory and AI Music. New Media and Society.PDF


I provide consulting services to firms seeking to manage their data and gain insights about their customer’s behavior, including satisfaction, interactions, subscriptions and microtransactions.

Most of this work is with video game developers managing game populations and seeking to improve the player experience, but the models are widely applicable and adaptable.

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