Cindy’s Journal

Papeete, Tahiti

June 24, 3:10 a.m.

We arrived at Papeete and had about three hours until our flight to Moorea. Dmitri went in search of a money changer and tried to get miles for our flights. Gotta get those frequent flier miles. On arrival, we were given leis and we could feel the warm air which felt wonderful after our long flight. We hung out with all the other people who had arrived in the middle of the night and had to wait for early morning flights out to the other islands. We took turns catching some sleep on the floor. We were tired and in need of a shower, but happy and looking forward to getting to Moorea.

The flight to Moorea was about 10 minutes on a very small plane. Gorgeous views from the plane. Tahiti is really an incredible place. When we arrived at the Sofitel Ia Ora it was very early and our room wasn’t quite ready yet so we went to the buffet breakfast and ate everything in sight. Then we just hung out in the open air reception area where they brought us this fresh fruit drink which was delicious. Finally, our room was ready.

Dmitri Says

Air New Zealand rules. I swear they have the most comfortable seats I’ve ever had on an airplane. And one other important item: Tahiti’s main airport on the big island of Papeete is called F’AAA. You say it “fah-ah-ah,” which is really pretty fun to say.

We arrived early and it was a little cloudy, but this first picture gives you a sense that it isn’t possible for any part of Tahiti to look ugy. This view is from our bungalow out over the water, looking back towards the coast of Moorea.